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A thorough Field Force Attendance Information Module that allows for online attendance recording and almost real-time personnel tracking. This field employee tracking feature highlights mobile-based, straightforward attendance and leave management, the ability to export attendance to an Excel sheet, and location information to verify the employee’s presence or absence. These features save the employees a great deal of time and energy, significantly increasing productivity and profitability.

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Mobile Attendance Registration

A comprehensive Field Force Attendance Information module, with online attendance marking and near real-time tracking of employees on the go.This field employee tracking feature highlights mobile based simplistic attendance and leave management, availability of exporting attendance to Excel sheet and location information to validate the presence/absence, saving a lot of time & energy of the employees

Sales Order Management
An end to end automation module, involving the thorough sales cycle, It provides features like sort/search items by categories/sub-categories, view discount schemes next to each product, capture POS stock from outlets for analysis, due/advance payment collection by sales executives.Map and List views for the field executives having detailed information of the customer along with calling option directly from application.
Sales Route Management
An end-to-end route management & planning module, a part of field force automation software, in which complete tour/beat scheduling can be done along with distributor mapping, by the field executive as well as back office manager.It facilitates pre-scheduled monthly tour planning on the calendar.
Business Intelligence and Analytics

A module, leveraging the potential of BI & Analytics, showcasing visually appealing reports & dashboards, driving deep into the available information pool. Informative analytical reports, matrix reports and graphical dashboards providing real time information of performance to sales team and business owners. 

Distiributor Management System

DMS is a value added, end-to-end distribution management solution that, with its salient features, aims to empower distributors to independently, monitor and manage distribution workflows. DMS, as a scalable back-office support system for distributors,offers a complete visibility of transactions along the entire down-stream supply chain, assisting in governing promotions, refining productivity and profitability, restructuring inventory / sales and acquiring reliable and accurate information on secondary sales.

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