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VIKRAYAH- Customer Relationship Needs Serving

Vikrayah is the perfect Salesforce management solution for your company’s growth. It is flexible and customizable for businesses of any size or industry.

Vikrayah automates sales workflows at all stages to save time on repetitive and time-consuming activities. This, in turn, helps sales teams close more deals quickly and more efficiently.

You can execute your go-to marketing strategies smartly with our custom sales force automation software. Develop better customer relations, and boost sales and revenues with Vikrayah.

Why Vikrayah For Your Business Growth?

One-Stop Solution for Revenue and Customer Growth

Sales Automation

Make your Sales Processes automated and data-driven Repetitive manual tasks are eliminated and automated to sell smarter and faster than ever

Customer Relations

Make your Customer Relations better and Wider

Close more deals and build better relations with customers anywhere in the world.

Business Intelligence

Better Revenues with real-time intelligence

Make more intelligent business decisions with better insights into customer preferences.

Track, Manage And Optimize Your Sales Activity

Give Your Reps Everything They Need For A Productive Day, Right At Their Fingertips

Customers Love Using VIKRAYAH

Vikrayah has played an essential role in helping us acquire new customers. Besides automating our sales force, we can make smarter decisions based on accurate data and insights.

When we first started using Vikrayah SFA, we never imagined it would make our tasks more manageable. The marketing automation features of Vikrayah are compelling and helped us save enormous time. The excellent features help us strengthen our marketing strategies and implementations, from detailed analytics to automated reports.

With Vikrayah Sales Force Automation Software, we could close 3X deals in the past two months. The detailed insights into customer choices and preferences helped us create customer-oriented marketing strategies. It helped us a lot in boosting sales.

Vikrayah Unique Benefits

Better Leads. More Customers. High ROI.

Quick Implementation

Plan. Build. Deploy

Cost-Effective Solution

Suited to Budget

Industry-Specific Solutions
Tailor-made for Businesses